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Drama, drama, everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Most people Ive read the journals of, write about events in their life, both mundane and exciting. Their journal is their story in life. Mine, is more of a complaint box. I don't have a best friend whom I can complain to, and bitch to, someone who will nod and say "Yeah, man, that sucks! I feel your pain" Josh only wants to hear complaints when its something he can fix-and even then, he doesn't want to hear me complain. As a woman, I NEED to complain! It makes me feel better about a situation I nor no one can fix. Reason stands to say that if you can fix it, why complain about it?

My life is pretty boring. I try to live behind a façade that I have this exciting life, but the truth is, its super uneventful. I don't have the money to travel (yet), my classes are now online, so I can't comment about the interesting things my class mates do, and since September, I rarely leave the house because I haven't had the money to go shopping, or go out clubbing, or go out to eat. I am an un married housewife. I cook, I clean, I take care of my man, I take out the trash, and lately, Ive been taking care of ALL the animals here-not just the cats. The snakes are cool, but I dont love them the way Josh does. I feel sorry for them when they suffer, but they don't have a soul....okay, maybe. I don't know. Haven't put much thought into it. Fish and birds do not have a soul, and thats why I dont like them. Ive seen fish eat each other because they were bored. I digress.

Since my life has been so uneventful, my singular source of enjoyment and happiness has been my online forums (looooossseerrrr-yeah? bite me.) I get to chat with other losers, and all of us pretend we're normal...which, if you think about it, we are as normal as you...although we think *YOU'RE* the weird ones. Yes, I'm talking about the folks at the Windstone Forum, and my little pony forums. I'm not as much into pony collecting as I used to be. I used to have over 300, in their own room. That closed door didn't really hide a junk room, it hid a pink and magical room, wherein resided 300 pairs of little plastic eyes. No, I didn't paint the room pink, but 2 of the houses my parents and I lived in had a blue room and a pink one. I'm certainly not living in a pink room....and plus, the house on Briden Oak had a blue room on the front that got the best morning sun, had a better closet, better bathroom, and was bigger and easier access to the stairs. My huge pony collection has been reduced down to a small handful of plasic bins stored away in a dark closet as I slowly sell them all off. I'm keeping my very favorites, and the ones I had as a kid, of course.

Seeing as how I am in need of money, and I've sold all the Windstones I can bear to part with that...
1. I could replace
2. I wouldn't miss
3. are worth something
I decided to start selling ponies. I had some VERY rare and VERY sought after ones...like a mint on card big brother "Barnacle" that I sold for $250, a Brazillian rearing Milky Way I also sold for $250, and a couple of Greek ponies I got over $50 for. Still not as profitable as selling Windstones, but I dearly love all the Windstones I have...except for a large Wizard, and a gargoyle, but I can't seem to sell them.

So I list two greek ponies for sale. One of them, I end up doing a trade with someone for two sought after baby ponies, their accessories, and all 6 of the Wave 4 G4 (new) ponies, plus $17. I was going to buy the G4 ponies anyway, as I LOVE them, so that worked out well. The OTHER pony, I had for sale at $80 OBO...or BEST offer. Someone messaged me and asked if they could send me a down payment "now" and the rest in a week or so. I said sure, and went along my merry way. Well, then someone else messages me asking about the same pony. I told her (at the time) it was on hold, but I'd let her know if it came off of hold. She sends me two more messages, offering me $120, and then $160, saying shes not a paitent person, and she *really* wants the pony (now, as opposed to waiting for a cheaper one to come along) O.O Someone offered me DOUBLE my asking price? hot damn!! oh wait, that pony is already spoken for -_- I thought about it all night, and asked Mom for advice. I owe quite a few people lots of money-and that EXTRA $80 could get one more monkey off my back. I hated doing it, but I told the first person someone offered me $160-she could make another offer if she wanted, and if not, I'd be glad to refund her money. I felt like a piece of shit, selling out, but I was/am desperate.

I go to my paypal account, where person #1 sent me $40 for the pony. I hit the refund button. I sent her a message and told her I sent the refund, and appologised again. She messages me back the next day asking if I'd really sent it because it didnt show up in her account. I told her it showed up in mine. She writes back saying it showed up but its on hold-"I'm not necessarily blaming you but..." well it sounds like you are. "this has never happened before" well I dont know what to tell you. I'm not the person who put your money on hold-call Paypal. Apparantly, when I sent the refund, there wasn't enough in my paypal account (which I knew about) and Paypal pulled the refund from my bank (okay, knew about that too) and Paypal had sent her an e-check, so it was processing. O.o stupid paypal! The whole time I felt like she was angry and pointing the finger at me. I already felt bad enough backing out on her, and now I feel like I'm being scolded and accused of something thats not my fault? Kind of a buzz kill. Maybe I'm too sensitive?

Then I get messages from people saying 'I like your pony and I want it, but would you take 50%-%60 less than youre asking?" Not literally, but apparantly my prices are way off? Well, I only listed the ponies for sale because I thought they were valuable-so if they're not worth much, I"ll keep them :P Dissapointing finding out your $15 pony is only worth $7...but shes in near perfect condition with beautiful hair and a HTF accessory! whatev.

Then the Windstone Forum. I almost dont want to think about it. But someone totally put into a coma, my love of Windstones. For days after it happened, I almost wanted to put my entire collection back in boxes and store them away. Lets just say a certain someone promised to trade one of those damn grab bag young unicorns (I say they are damned because I love so many of them, and would love to have more than I do, but its not always possible-and they are all one of a kind, so if you miss one, its gone forever. People are HORRIBLY picky, or they put them up for sale and they go for double or tripple store price. You have to trade with 3, 4 or 5 people in hopes of getting what you want, and its a lot of work. One particular person keeps getting unicorns Id just about kill to have, and then offers them up for trade, but only wants Kelpie, who belongs to someone I *KNOW* will never ever trade her. I can't get that one, and there' s not another just like her, so its frustrating. This person wants a blue unicorn, I have a blue unicorn coming my way, I got SUPER lucky, and was able to trade for a blue one with orange eyes, and that first person is unsure if she likes the unicorn I got to trade her or not -_- I think I will love the blue unicorn in question, so I wont be at a total loss, and I think she'd be easy to trade, but GRR I don't see how other people are trading with her if shes so darn picky!)

.............so this PERSON, lets call her...hmm...Person 1. Person 1 writes to me saying she got my most favorite unicorn Ive seen so far and she will trade me. I'm so happy, and I feel SO lucky. She says she will send her end of the trade first, and after I get it, I can send her my end of the trade. She has had lots of bad feedback, so I'm glad for this. Then it went like this...(this is all paraphrasing)

Person 1(P1): I'll send the unicorn out to you on Monday! :)
me: YAY!!!!!!!! Im so happy and excited, you ROCK, THANK YOU
:::::::::::its Friday, no unicorn yet::::::::::::
me: Hey um, did you get the unicorn out? It hasn't shown up yet.
P1: OMG Im so sorry, my girls were supposed to mail it out to you, but they were goofing off and they didnt. I'll get it out to you ASAP
me: oh. That sucks. I was excited. But, shit happens. Just let me know the delivery confirmation number when you get it. And um, ,you told me in an earlier message you didnt have kids ....?
P1: SURE THING no problem! And, they are LIKE my kids. They take horse back riding lessons from me, Ive known them practically their whole lives
me, thinking, "O.o" oooooo-kay!
:::::::::several days later:::::::
P1: So like, Im sooooo sorry but Ive got some bad news. I took your unicorn to the post office, and one of the girls wanted to see it, and when she picked it up, the unicorn slipped out of her hands, hit the counter, and hit the floor. It broke into (this is a quote) "a bazillion pieces" I'm so sorry.
me: Well do you still have the unicorn? Im so very sad, I was so looking forward to getting him. I'd like to try and fix him.
P1: No, I had insurance on him, and I filled out the paperwork, since he was broken, I got the insurance money and went home, leaving the unicorn there
me: Well he is kind of a one of a kind, I'd like to try and fix him. Why would the post office give you money on something they didn't break? You can only purchase insurance and tracking on an item after you pay for postage. Why would you un wrap an item and un pack it just to show one of your girls? Didn't they see the unicorn before you packed it up?
P1:How dare you accuse me of lying! Why would I lie to you? It wasn't one of my girls, it was one of the girls that works at the post office. And to think, I was going to send you the ruby fledgling we talked about in another message as a surprise.
me: Im just saying your story doesnt add up. I'm not calling you a liar. Maybe someone offered you a bunch of money or you had a better trade?  I dont know.

Several days passed, and nothing. I sent this person 3 messages, then I get this back in reply,
quote, " believe you said all you needed when you wrote what you did on the young thread. I"m not for playing games with you and you cosistantly calling me out. What would I gain from lieing to you. I am so over it Linsey it's not even funny. The one thing you ARE right about is I'm done. You can be a total ass to someone for so long before they bite you in the ass.````Consider yourself bit````"

Here was my reply, to which I didn't get a reply to
quote, "

Um, I didn't call you out. I didn't say your name. And how have I been mean to you? As far as I'm concerned, I haven't done anything wrong. Your story wasn't adding up, and after hearing what you've done to other people on the forum, excuse me for being suspicious. You went so far as to try and buy something under a fake name because there are people here who flat out won't sell to you. I'm not the one playing games. I didn't say anything un true in my post. You told me someone at the post office broke Sprocket, and that's what I said. You never really said for sure if you still wanted to trade for Cleric, so I put him back up for trade-and even welcomed you to make an offer if you still liked him. You have lots of bad feedback here-not me. I have stuck up for you, believe it or not. People have warned me from dealing with you, and I have always told everyone that Ive dealt with you MANY times and not had a problem.
What would you gain from lying to me? I don't know. Maybe someone offered you something better in trade, or offered you lots of money? Maybe you decided to keep Sprocket? I don't know. It just seems strange that you'd unpack something you've already packed up, double boxed, purchased insurance and tracking on, just to show a postal worker? Why would anyone do that? It seems like a lot of work-and even at that, you've proved its not a good idea to do, because things get broken. Ive always had nice things to say about you, but your behavior and your last message make me think twice about it in the future."

I hate her. I am never selling to, buying from or trading with her ever again. I dont care if she offers me some insane amount of money. She can suck my left big toe for all I care. I have wanted to post something she might want for sale, and see if she messages me, just so I can have the joy of turning her down, or ignoring her messages.     


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