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Chronicle of Friday

This is mostly for myself, to be able to keep track of days. It also allows you to spy on me and know what Ive been up to hahahahhahahahhahaha okay yeah.

Tuesday I went to work, got off work, went home, changed clothes, grabbed a spare set of "around the house" clothes, and an arsenal of cleaning supplies and went to Mom's (well my parents house, but I feel less lame saying Mom's, so deal with it!!) house. We chit chated a little, I cooked us some spinach and motzerella quiche, and we went through boxes in what will soon be my cave and new bathroom at her place after I move back in with her -_- We worked until about 11PM. I went home, showered and went to bed.

Wednesday, I got up a little earlier and took my car to Copperfield Goodyear to find out what the rattling noise is. Their computers were down so I had no idea about a quote. I left there, went home, changed and went to work. While at work I received the email from Goodyear with the quote. I was quoted $3941 to fix it. They were claiming that the suspension needed work, the shocks and struts were out, the transmission mount was broken, I needed 8 new control arms (left and right upper and lower) and $999 of that was labor. I was in shock. Allison told me to call her buddy at Select Automotive. I left work and went directly over to Jimmy John's in Klein to fill out an application. I filled out the application, thanked the manager, and went over to Dominos. I chatted with Kathy, Wayne and Little Mike. A mutual friend and former co worker had passed away on June 1st from lung cancer we were talking about the logistics of the funeral/service. It rained buckets and hailed a little. I left there and went to Mom's where she tempted me with home made, from Grandma's garden, fried green tomatoes. Ive been waiting years to eat them again. They were better than I remembered. I left there, went home, and met Josh. He hadn't seen me since last Friday and according to him, that was a long time. Lets just see how he reacts when he doesn't see a familiar face for months. Yeah. We hung out a bit and watched part of The Time Traveller's Wife. I couldn't finish it, it was getting sad and emotional. He left, I slept.

Yesterday, Thursday, what did I do? I woke up, rolled out of bed, and called Allison's friend at Select Automotive. He told me it would be $850 to do all the same stuff Goodyear was saying I needed to have done, but that was without looking at the car. I called AT&T to find out how much my bill is...$408. Bloody hell. Luckily thats for at least 2 months, hopefully 4 at that rate.

I rushed over to work as I slept later than I intended. Work was good, and routine. I left there and went directly over to Sally Beauty Supply to procure some turquoise hair color. Unfortunatly, because Im over 21 and I have a "real job" of sorts, I can't DYE my hair awesome colors but I thought maybe some temporary stuff would be good. I left with some temporary hair color, some press on nails with a city skyline on them, neon purple nail polish, blue glitter top coat nail polish, and some sea green eye shadow. I went into Target next door looking for new ponies. None I dont have. I did find Amelie for cheap! I haven't seen that movie since 2006 or 2007ish! I thought it would be nice to watch that in bed that evening. I went home to try the hair color only to find its like hair spray. My hair is dark, and therefore it takes a ton of this stuff to show up. Even then, it makes my hair thick and sticky. Yuck. Abandoning that idea, I washed it out.

I had invited Josh over for dinner-steak and velveeta macaroni. He totally forgot and was off visiting Tall&Ugly. I was indifferent-it was about 8:30pm anyway. It would give me a chance to do some groccery shopping. I went to Krogers about 9:00 and got some stuff I wanted/needed. I return home about 10:00pm, to find two strange black men climbing my stairs. I paniked for a moment, thought to call the cops, but first wanted to give them just cause to come out. I called out to the men climbing the stairs to my apartment and as it turns out, they were Jeff, a person who is interested in leasing my apartment, and his friend. I had NO warning, no notice, no heads up that anyone would be stopping by late at night. Especially two strange men Ive never met before-white, black, red or purple, I dont want strangers in my apartment when I'm alone. Just the same, I showed him the place and we chatted for a bit. He and his friend left at 10:30.

I put away grocceries and started making low carb mini pizzas. About this time, Josh shows up. He fixed himself a drink, took a shower and sat down to watch some How I Met Your Mother, at my suggestion. I finished the mini pizzas and tried to make some cookies. I say tried because they came out too dry...and I was hoping for some whole wheat cookies, but realized after the fact that I had no whole wheat flour, it had weevels in it and I had to toss it last week. LAME!! Josh had been drinking and I wanted him to stay but he *needed* to go home. He wanted to stay but needed to go. Hes always been better at putting his needs over his wants than I have. He left, I stayed in bed and slept, without watching Amelie.

Today, Friday, I happily realized it was Friday and that its pay day! Granted I knew I couldn't have any fun with my check because I owed it to someone, but thats a little less I'll owe to the universe. I took my car down to Allison's friend in the hood (Acres Homes...thats the hood to me! ah, suburban problems) He looked at my car and told me I had some minor things wrong with it and I could actually afford to get it fixed today! Hooray! So I left it with him and he was super kind and gave me a ride to work in his tow truck ^_^ I got to work at 11:15, and Ive been here since. After this, Mom is picking me up, taking me to pick up my Trans Am, and then I might go over to Suzanne's to help her with housework in preparation for tomorrow. If not, I'll be going home and packing up some stuff Ive sold on ebay in the last few weeks. I'm usually good about getting that stuff shipped out but Ive been so busy lately I haven't had time! I am baking cupcakes for Jost's birthday on the 10th, which will take up the rest of my night.

Saturday is the pony meet, and the Series Six/Black Kennedy show at Spirits, and Sunday....gosh, hopefully housework and relaxation!

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