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This weekend was crazy! It was as great as it was awful.

The bad
I had to move. The movers were supposed to show up at 11AM and be done after 2 hours. It took them 4 hours (although I only paid for 3 after complaining), and they still didn't get everything. Ended up costing me another $100 in movers fees, gas, mileage etc. I didn't get much sleep the whole weekend, so on Monday (today) I'm exhausted as a result. I literally feel like I'm out of gas, and about to stall by the side of the road. I feel like I've been sleeping with my eyes open all day-and even at 6pm when I get off work, the day still won't be over. I still have to go back to my apartment and work some more. I am in need of something with insane amounts of caffein-or better yet, Taurine. Yeah! Chloe got so very stressed on the car ride to the new place that I literally thought she was going to die. Her eyes were unfocused, she was panting, she stopped meowing, she had her cheek laid up against the bars of the carrier, and so one eye was closed. I lost control of my car on the wet streets twice trying to get her home faster. Luckily shes doing okay now. The hot water in the bathroom was out, so I had no hot water in which to take a shower with. I got trapped in my cave by a giant  2 inch long big ugly roach. I swear I was an aphid in a previous life...there's no other way to explain my phobia (irrational fear) of these little bugs. I literally almost had a panic attack. I could feel the anxiety building in my veins and chest. I started to get light headed...pretty lame, yes, but I can't help it. I'm not afraid of anything else living....at least nothing dumb. Put me in a field with a lion, my adrenelyn would get to pumping.
The good

of this weekend-I did get a lot settled in at my new place, Chester has already adjusted (am I really surprised? No.) Chloe, as mentioned is doing fine now. Still pretty nervous about being in a new place, but shes relaxing quickly. None of my furniture got very scratched up-certainly not like the last move when I had a big white scratch down the entire front of my dresser, and multiple knicks and dings in the rest of my black furniture. The bottoms got a bit messed up, but Im not too worried about it considering the movers were a grey haired man and two 16 year old boys who didnt even have their drivers licences yet. *rolls eyes* The best part of the weekend was Friday night. I got invited over to Mike's apartment for a party he was having....which I was really shocked about because he and I have hung out so rarely and because I haven't seen him in maybe 5 years. I got there and was surprised to see another person I haven't seen in quite some years named Ashford...I didn't expect Ashford to even remember me because he was just an aquaintance, but as soon as I walked in the door, he greeted me by name and hugged me O.O cool! These people are "normal"....they're not into weird quirky things, or intelligent/science areas of interest...they are, by some standards, "boring" but when I am around independent, quirky, smart people all the time, being around "normal folks" or "lilly pads" as I call them (because they just float on the surface of life hehe) is a nice change of scenery too from time to time. I appreciate many facets of human personality types.

At this party, there was beer pong, hooka, hip hop music, "cool" guys with tattoos of skulls, eagles and other popular images, pretty girls with names like Celeste and Brittany, people doing shots of blood vodka and Seagrams, and general socializing. Some drama happened, but I wasn't involved in it, and I didn't cause it, so it was nooo problem for me! :D Since it was Mike's place, he was very stressed about it. He lost his wallet and thought someone stole it (it was under his bed or something-must have fallen out of his pocket), another guy (when most people were drunk) had a gun in his hand (he was moving it out of the way because there were a lot of people around-which, is the responsible thing to do) but jumping to conclusions, people (myself included) just saw a drunk guy with a gun-and understandably, freaked out. Something else happened with a girl and her boyfriend named Sam, but no one would talk about it. She walked stormed in crying and said "Sam, I need you!" as she slammed the door to the bedroom. Shocked, he followed her. Don't know what that was about. *shrug*

People started leaving about 3-5AM. Mike invited me to a movie the next day. I took it with a grain of salt because he was super drunk, and ended up passing out in his bed, but surprisingly, the next day, he texted me, and said the movie was still a go! Plans got chnged a lot, and the movie ended up being sold out (we were going to see Ted) so all in all we went to Olde City Pub, drank, played Pong, listened to some live music, and I ran into two guys I went to elementry school with! They, very shockingly, both remembered me by name! I mean, I remembered them too, but that's not unusual. I remember people-especially if I met you prior to 2004, my memory was better. I was tired from no sleep Friday night/Saturday morninig, and dealing with the movers on Saturday, so the night ended at around 2:30AM or so. Mike said he would text me later this week (hopefully to make plans for the weekend?) But either way, I'm excited to see him again. :)  


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