wolfenmachine (wolfenmachine) wrote,

The Rules and Laws of Attraction

To keep things simple, and to avoid swiching pronouns all over the place, I am going to write this from a woman's point of view, and talk about "he".
I used to think attraction was simple....see good looking/hot guy, talk to him, if he reciprocates, keep talking; see if his personality is compatible with yours... if not, or if he doesn't reciprocate, move on. (I mean, this is watered down to the basics of course). This year has taught me enough about attraction to know I was all wrong. Usually the people you like, you think they are cute/hot/sexy/whatever...you find them aesthetically pleasing. Basically, you like the way they look AND you like their personality. You will admit it as much as I will, but we are all vain. That ugly guy with the great personality-you're going to "friend zone" him. The hot guy with the so-so personality, you will be all over him. Don't even deny it. Of course, there are all the in betweens...the....well he's not super cute, he's kinda cute but his awesome beyond awesome personality makes up for what he lacks aesthetically. Then there's the curve balls...those people that you logically don't find attractive (he's too skinny/too fat, too tall/short, doesn't like the things I do etc) but chemically, he sets your hormones in action and turns you on....and the inverse of that, the man you DO find logically attractive-there are things about his personality, and his physique that you DO like...but you are weirded out by him or just otherwise  not physically attracted to him. That's an odd one...the "well he's hot/cute AND he likes the things I like, but he just doesnt do it for me"...and frustrating, because oh if only there were fireworks when he kissed you instead of a wet match.

I guess the only thing you can do on all those confusing situations is to go with it...if you like the guy and he turns you on-why the hell not? Go with it (this only applies if you're single :P I dont condone cheating) If he doesn't, then its probably best to abandon ship and not worry over it. Easier said than done I know. I remember Jay Leno once posing the question of "What if we all had different shaped genitals? Some people had circular ones, some people had square or star shaped ones....you get into bed with someone and you're like, 'oh....this isn't going to work'" In one aspect, that would simplify things, but in another, it would complicate things. I dont know how I was originally going to tie that tidbit into what I was saying, but either way, its quittin' time, and c'est ça!

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