wolfenmachine (wolfenmachine) wrote,

Sleep is personal

Sleeping beside someone is more personal than having sex with them. Granted, sex is still very personal, but to sleep beside someone-that takes it a step beyond. When a person sleeps, they are at their most vunerable...they have let their defenses down. People do and say things in their sleep that is governed by their subconcious mind.

These next statements are meant to be taken in a "general" sense, not a "moment to moment" kind of way. The way you sleep speaks about how you view yourself, the world, and your relationship to the world.
If you sleep on your back, it says you are open to whatever life and the world throws at you.
If you sleep on your side, with your back to a wall, it says you are feeling threatened, or attacked.
If you sleep on your side, holding a pillow or stuffed animal, it says you are afraid of getting hurt. You are protecting your heart and vital organs....

more on this later.

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