wolfenmachine (wolfenmachine) wrote,

Random Thoughts

I keep having random angsty, bitter thoughts running through my head. The kind of thing I  might usually post publically..but seeing how almost no one sees/reads this, and how it makes me feel better to post it anyway, here you are.

*You can shine your Cadalliac, another way
...with the last drop....
....of spit.
....that I had in my mouth.
I was watching all your TV shows, the night I said good bye,
to the wold I know......
you can dye your hair tonight,
another way.
to match the color of-
the ground.
....that I am burried in....*

*I like gypsy moths, and radio talks, 'cuz it doesn't remind me of anything...* -radio head

I'm glad, that, on my emotionally weak days, everyone I want to see is busy or not answering. Its good for me to be alone on days like that....it allows me to build my strength back up.

You belong with me, I belong with you. It may not be forever, but it will be the best thing either of us have ever had.

As long as she/he can hurt you, then you aren't over her/him.

*If you've never stared off into the distance, then your life is a shame.
I could never, forget your face, sometimes I cant remember my name.* -counting crows "Ms. Potter's Lullabye

*She said 'I love you' with her hands, she said, 'I hate you' with her eyes*-Evans Blue

"Linsey, you're not here with me, you're not on this same plane...you're not down on the field, you're up in the bleachers, watching Life, watching my life."
"You're a great therapist. I hope your hourly rate isnt too hight" -Stan

*Will it change your life, if I change my mind?*-Evans Blue "Beg"

man, I am loving Evans Blue this week. And AIC.



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