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Dear Future Husband

Every failed relationship and every failed not-quite-relationship that Ive had in my life all had good parts to it. I like to think that when I find the perfect man, he will have all or most of the qualities I loved about the guys I've been into in the past. I think it will go like this....

My perfect man is out there somewhere. He's close by. He grew up in this part of town. He's with someone now and he thinkshe's happy with her but deep down he knows she's  not the right one for him. Maybe he's had a bad day today like me too...maybe he's fighting with his girlfriend because they just aren't as compatible as they should be. Maybe he's getting in his car right now to drive around because driving clears his head.He pulls the seat belt across his broad shoulders and there's frustration in his blue eyes. He's listening to Alice in Chains, Deftones, or Three Days Grace because they make him feel better. He's working up the courage to leave her. In the next year, he will leave her and 3 months later, he will find me. We will hit it off right away and he will want to see me as often as I want to see him. We will see each other late at night because we are both night owls; and on the weekends he'll want to meet up with me too. We will both be cautious at first because we will both think its too good to be true. I'll question if he's into me, but my friends will smile and say I have nothing to worry about, he digs me. He will listen to the songs on the radio and think about me. I will hear all those melodic Incubus songs and think about him. Maybe he already has a young daughter and doesn't want any more kids. I'll make him feel alive and he will make me feel at peace. We will meet in September or October, and he will have decided he wants me to be his girlfriend  before the year is over. We will sit around, singing to all the songs on the radio or Pandora, because we know them all by heart. There are strange coincidences between our lives and we will both secretly wonder how it is we haven't met yet because we've hung out at the same places in the past. He may not be society's definition of attractive, but I'll find him extremely attractive. I'll tell myself its no big deal at first, he's just a guy, but really, I can't stop thinking about him. Neither of us will be able to keep our hands off each other when we're together-even if he just has his arm around me, or his hand on my knee.

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